Fundraising Tips

These tips are from Denys C. Shortt OBE and are personal recommendations :

Fundraising is an art - not to be confused with 'friend-raising'!

A full-time fundraiser should raise at least 3 times their salary.

If you are a fundraiser - don't be shy - asking does not hurt anyone.  If you do not like selling - then do not do this job !

The best at fundraising are very organised and have great websites.

Here are some examples  : Macmillan - click here  Also the Air Ambulance Service   and Guide Dogs for the Blind

How to use a QR code to donate money - click here



1. Create a business plan for your organisation and make sure its sustainable.  Donors want to see sustainable plans.

2. Always have a page on your website saying "sponsor us" or "donate here". This is a fundamental basic and must be easy to see on your homepage !

3. Your "sponsor us" page should be clear and lots of options for support - from £25 to £10,000
- this is a good example - click here . Sponsors want to see what they get from their annual support. Be clear.

4. Businesses like to advertise. Make sure you have advertising opportunities - a board, a brochure, a web banner.

5. Show your current sponsors.  People gain confidence seeing that you have existing sponsors

6. Always have a dream capital project you are fundraising for - the big one!  This may be a new clubhouse or an extension to existing.  If you do not articulate your dream it will never happen.

7. Be confident and always be organised - split your fundraising targets by channel. Create a target list (use excel) for each channel and put on it : date contacted / response / amount raised.
These are some channel examples : 

Schools & Colleges
High Net Worth
Fundraising Events

Try to engage with business through events.  Bring them to your site if you can and explain your charity. Show it in action !

8. Trusts are important funders. Always apply annually to trusts. See our Trusts page - click here  

9. For large amounts - make sure you have a good presentation for the big donors - a 10 page powerpoint and printed in A4 or even A3.

10. Never slow down.  Your fundraisers are key - they need drive and determination. Always get your whole organisation on board the plan. Friends, family, employers of friends - funding can come from anywhere.