About us & members

We are delighted to announce our new Chairman  Daniel O'Donnell of The Rosconn Group (photo above)

There are 22 business members who have each pledged to give at least £5000 a year in cash or services to the community. 

That's £110,000 a year or £1.1million over 10 years !

"There are lots of businesses locally who want to help the community. 'Supporting Stratford' enables that - it is the glue that brings everyone together!"

"We want businesses to get stuck in. We want them to create a wave of enthusiasm and energy for the community"

This website shows :  'what the community wants' and 'what the businesses can offer'

We focus on 6 areas :  

1. Charities & Healthcare
2. Education & Enterprise
3. Local events
4. Nature & The Environment

5. Sports
6. The Arts & Shakespeare


 This group was founded by Denys C. Shortt OBE of DCS Group